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About IFAN

The International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing is a worldwide association of nurses of all professional areas. We stand for development and growth of Anthroposophic Nursing.


Our Mission

Nursing is a cultural challenge. Life needs care, particularly human beings need care. Care enables individual development and social progress. Care is fundamental to quality of life. Care needs science and spirituality in order to meet human needs holistically.

IFAN task groups work out guidelines in Anthroposophic Nursing, organize nursing conferences, coordinate trainings and advanced education, promote professional exchange and supports initiatives on the field of Anthroposophic Nursing. The Forum cooperates with other national and international corporations of Anthroposophic Medicine.


Working Methods

The Forum meets once a year in September at the Goetheanum, ( Dornach, Switzerland. The Forum lives from the initiative of its members. Everyone can present his project and announce support needs. Projects during the year are developed in working groups. The results are discussed in the forum. The work of IFAN is brought together by a steering committee and a coordinator.



IFAN is funded by member fees and donations.