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Anthroposophic Nursing Specialist (IFAN)

Certification in Anthroposophic Nursing can be achieved by Registered Nurses in a further education course or, where none is available, on a portfolio route.

Specialist courses consist of

  • Foundation course (200 learning units, 1 unit = 45 min)
  • Specialist course (200 learning units, 1 unit = 45 min)
  • Self directed studies (330 learning units including mentored work)
  • Examination (Case Reports, theoretical and practical exam)

A course must be accredited by the International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing

Portfolio route
This is an individual learning track. It needs a personal mentor who is an Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist. Student and mentor work out a “learning balance” and decide about further steps on individual studies. After completing the portfolio route and after fulfilling formal requirements which are described in the handbook, the mentor recommends the student for the Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist exam.

The handbook of the Certification of Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist (IFAN) describes the general requirements for Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist trainings and is the fundament for their accreditation with IFAN. 

download handbook (pdf)