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IFAN is organized in working groups. They follow their own agenda thoughout the year and present their work results to the entire Forum at the annual conference.

  • Professional Development: Main topics are handbooks on education and training, a website on external applications (Vademecum), teach the teacher seminars, quality assurance, research questions, nursing conferences.
  • Working Structures: Main tasks are publication of the IFAN newsletter and translations.
  • Public Relations: Main task is to develop this homepage in different languages for IFAN, ICANA and QAN.
  • Spiritual Development: Care and impulse to deepen anthroposophical care through inner/meditative work.
  • Internal Communication: Main topic is community building within Anthroposophical Nursing/IFAN.
  • Public Health Care Systems: The group's aim is to overcome deadlocked patterns of thinking and to look for new forms of support for people in need of care.